Smart Ventilation for Smart Buildings

Residential & commercial buildings are entering the new connected era of the IoT solutions.

Building management is now leveraging connected solutions to :

  • Collect and analyse data
  • Move to a predictive maintenance of the systems
  • Take care of the occupants’ well being
  • Improve the energy efficiency

Enerbee delivers an innovative way of controlling and monitoring buildings to help investors and facilities managers respectively make the building value durable and improve their daily maintenance activities. In order to support this digital transition and improve the living environment of inhabitants and workers, Enerbee has launched breakthrough connected and autonomous solutions dedicated to the ventilation systems market.


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Ensure a healthy air and living environment for everyone

According to studies, indoor air quality has a strong impact on people well being :

« Indoor air can be 8X more polluted than outdoor air and is the cause of 4.3M premature deaths in the world »
World Health Organization (2015)

Indicators such as CO2 levels, temperature gradients, pressure, humidity and VOC noxiousness have negative effects on people health and on workers productivity.

Thanks to the deplyment of IoT solutions, indoor air quality can be monitored to trigger an healthier environment in commercial and residential buildings. Enerbee is offering autonomous and connected air vents, equipped with sensors that performs a real-time monitoring and control of the air quality by adjusting the air renewal.

Enerbee adresses the global building market, including social housing, residential and commercial building with a wide range of products, suitable for both surface-mounted and in-duct installation.


Optimize the HVAC system maintenance

Maintenance has a significant impact on the building OPEX. Unlike preventive maintenance, which requires service on the equipment according to expected failure time, predictive maintenance is helping you monitor the real-time bhavior of the HVAC central unit and infrastructure. IoT solutions generates data and alerts to anticipate an upcoming equipment failure, therefore trigger a maintenance service.

Thanks to its embedded sensor architecture, Enerbee’s Smart Vent is helping you efficiently manage your ventilation infrastructure by moving to predictive maintenance. Air production and maintenance are now becoming more efficient than ever.


Improve the building energy efficiency

HVAC system is a heavy contributor to the building energy consumption. The electricity consumption is high as the system constinuously extracts or renews the air even if there is no need.

Deploying smart ventilation systems, e.g. moving to Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), enables a real-time modulation of the air flows depending upon the indoor air quality, occupancy rate, … and triggers a monitoring of the HVAC infrastructure. Thanks to its embedded sensors architecture, the Enerbee’s Smart Vent product family delivers breakthrough solutions to manage the energy consumption of the HVAC system therefore improve the overall building energy consumption. The Enerbee’s Smart Vent products are based upon its proprietary and patented energy-harvesting generator (no wires nor batteries needed !), therefore perfectly suited for building retrofit.


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