Enerbee wins the 2020-2050 EnerJ Start-up Trophy!

Enerbee (Grenoble), an innovator of delivering fully autonomous products and solutions satisfying todays IOT needs, is pleased to announce that our Smart Vent Solution was named the winner of EnerJ 2020-2050 Start-up trophy February 7 2019 in Paris. The 2020-2050 Start-up Trophy underlines our commitment to defining the Horizon 2020 building positive energy building project

Our Smart Vent Solution is an intelligent, connected and completely self-powered ventilation vent that ensures indoor air quality at lower energy costs.


EnerJ-meeting’s judging panel stated our Smart Vent Solution:

“appreciated the technology for being completely autonomous and easy to implement, both for renovations and new projects. It allows for the collection and transmission of data, overcoming the major challenges of the IAQ”. (source BATIACTU magazine)

This important recognition was won by Enerbee in context of the 2020 building – the positive energy building project which is awarded to successful start-ups, in particular, with solutions for:

  • improving the comfort of homes and workspaces
  • optimizing various buildings
  • improving the energy efficiency of buildings


The Enerbee team is proud of its innovative technology. Focused on design and function the Enerbee Smart Vent is a perfect solution for professionals in the ventilation, building and associated services market and celebrates the strong culture of innovation within Enerbee.

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