Enerbee’s technology is highly relevant and important for the burgeoning IoT and Industry 4.0 markets, which are driving the proliferation of connected devices, expected to reach 50 billion by 2020. These connected devices will need to be more autonomous and resilient to support sustainable IoT and M2M applications such as smart home, smart metering and industrial sensors. Enerbee’s self- powered, always available, maintenance-free generators will enable these next-generation connected devices, solving a critical need. Enerbee has already demonstrated successful proofs-of-concept for several applications, validating the technology’s capability.


Image hvac

“Indoor air can be 8x more polluted than outdoor air and is the cause of 4.3M premature deaths in the world”

World Health Organization, 2015

The growing challenges of people health and comfort associated to energy reduction directives drive the need for more sensors, more data collected and computed. Enerbee focuses on the HVAC market to provide technology and products that most effectively and efficiently monitor and control HVAC systems.

Enerbee’s generators can generate large amounts of energy (1 – 10mW range), even from low air flows typical of individual home installations. Generated energy can be used to monitor indoor air quality or occupation level in every room, and adjust air flow or heating consequently. By bringing intelligence to HVAC systems, Enerbee ensures a safe and comfortable indoor environment while saving energy.


Image Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also known as Industrial IoT, is poised to revolutionize the way goods are produced. Future assembly lines will be able to monitor processes, diagnosis themselves and take decentralized decisions to optimize production and logistics. This approach requires multitude of sensors to be installed in existing factories, on legacy equipment.

In this case, installing wires to power sensors is a real obstacle and use of batteries leads to excessive maintenance costs. Attached to moving parts of equipment, Enerbee’s generators can power sensors (vibrations, position, speed, temperature…) and send data wirelessly to enable this vision to come true.


Image Smart Metering

With an installed base of 60+ millions of devices, all powered by batteries, smart meters are in need of a life-lasting and sustainable power source. Enerbee brings to this market the only energy source able to extend smart meters’ lifetime over 15 years, thus saving on replacement and maintenance costs. Enerbee’s ability to generate energy on low forces movement guarantees low pressure drops on the fluid network.

Remarkable performances, even at low rotation speeds, enable energy generation on a wide range of flows, compatible with residential, medical or industrial requirements. Functional prototypes have already been demonstrated and validated in laboratory conditions.