We are enerbee

Founded in 2014 and based in Grenoble, France, Enerbee has developed and is industrializing an innovative motion-based energy harvesting technology that generates energy from all types and speeds of movement.
The company’s unique value is the ability to deliver a fully-autonomous energy product that can support and satisfy different applications.

EnerBee’s technology is highly relevant and important for the burgeoning IoT and Industrial 4.0 markets, which are driving the proliferation of connected devices, expected to reach 50 billion by 2020.

The growing challenges of people health and comfort associated to the home energy cost drive the need for more sensors, more data collected and computed. The company has decided to focus first on the HVAC market to provide technology and products that most effectively and efficiently monitor and control (bring intelligence) HVAC systems, ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

Our vision

Simply Healthy

A world where every home and building are comfortable and safe to breathe in.


Monitor and control

To provide technology and products that bring intelligence to HVAC systems, ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment while saving energy.

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Enerbee’s new product ensures good air and wellness at home by measuring, analyzing, and controlling indoor air quality. Seamless, easy-to install and fully autonomous in energy, it embeds air flow & air quality sensors, powered by Enerbee’s multi-patented energy generator.

simply healthy

Measure & control the air you breathe.
No wires, no batteries. Save energy, save money.

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Easiest installation

Air quality measurement, analysis and control.

No wires, no batteries.

Fit and forget.

Distribution certification.

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Best combination
cost performance

Measuring the air in all the right places.

No recurring costs for installation and maintenance.

Better at controlling air flow, integrating shutter to control directly inside the vent.

Very quiet.

Data management.

Compatible with MESH networks.

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Scalable to industry needs

OTA upgrades.

HW is versatile for other applications.

Implement new services with software and hardware.

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Always on

Autonomous, continuous energy with innovative piezomagnetic technology.

Large range or airflow.

Information systems always available.

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Simple maintenance

Self analysis of system for needed maintenance.


Easy to take off and put back safely.

Smart vent

Intelligent. Autonomous. Connected.

Sensing nose

Engineered like a real human nose, it lets the air flow onto the sensors while preventing dust accumulation.


The brain of the system, it analyzes air quality data and adjusts the air flow to keep you healthy and comfortable.


The heart of the system, it generates energy continuously and ensures you a seamless and maintenance-free experience.


The backbone of the system, it holds all the parts together, protects them from dust and fits perfectly into standard ventilation ducts.


The rotor is the moving part of the system, which converts air flow into a variable magnetic field to actuate the generator.

  • Sensing nose
  • Electronics
  • Generator
  • Shell
  • Rotor

From sensing nose to rotor via electronics, generator and shell, everything is set up to provide autonomous energy and efficient air quality control

We provide

air flow






Take control
of your air quality

Monitor & control